BJP's Rekha Patra: ‘Not Been Allowed to Vote Since 2011’ - TMC Exposed

In a shocking revelation, BJP's Rekha Patra has accused the TMC of preventing her from voting in Sandeshkhali since 2011. This explosive claim has stirred up significant controversy and shed light on alleged voting rights violations in the region. Watch as Rekha Patra details her accusations and the implications this has for democracy in Sandeshkhali. Learn about the history behind these allegations, the response from TMC, and what this means for future elections.

BJP's Rekha Patra: ‘Not Been Allowed to Vote Since 2011’ - TMC Exposed

BJP's Rekha Patra Attacks TMC Over Sandeshkhali, Claims ‘Not Been Allowed to Vote Since 2011’

Rekha Patra, the BJP candidate from Basirhat, criticized the TMC for their 'hooliganism' during voting as eight states vote during Phase 7 of the Lok Sabha election.

Rekha Patra, the BJP candidate for Lok Sabha from Basirhat, criticized the Trinamool Congress (TMC) in West Bengal for their alleged hooliganism during elections. She also stated her confidence in being able to cast her vote this time, after being unable to do so in the last two elections.

Rekha Patra informed ANI, "We haven't been able to vote since 2011, but today I am confident that we will be able to cast our votes in the elections, with the blessings of God and Modiji. That's why we are heading to the booth to vote."

Patra also condemned TMC for their history of violence during past elections, particularly in Sandeshkhali, where the party allegedly obstructed people from voting.

"The turmoil in Sandeshkhali wasn't solely about voting; it was about our dignity and integrity. TMC members attempted to take control of lands belonging to the people of Sandeshkhali and failed to offer them any schemes," Patra stated, addressing TMC's violent strategies in Sandeshkhali.

"They tried to disrupt our campaign, but they failed because the residents of Sandeshkhali stand united. Not only in Sandeshkhali, but also in Basirhat, all families are united. They are all our families. We support them, and I trust they will support us too," she concluded.

Accusing the TMC cadre of assaulting BJP women workers in Sandeshkhali, Patra stated, "TMC's acts of violence are not new; they have been happening since 2011. We have endured this for a long time, and we can bear it for just one more day. The entire population of Basirhat will respond to them."

Rekha Patra was nominated by the BJP in the Basirhat constituency, competing in the elections against TMC candidate Haji Nurul Islam and CPI(MP) candidate Nirapada Sarkar. Patra was among the women who led protests against Shahjahan Sheikh in Sandeshkhali, exposing his alleged mistreatment of women.

Patra was the first to speak out against Sheikh's actions and the suffering of women in Sandeshkhali. Shahjahan was expelled by the TMC for six years and later arrested.

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