"Mumbai-Ghatkopar Hoarding Owner : The Bhavesh Bhinde Scandal!"

To be shocked as we delve into the scandalous world of Mumbai's hoarding industry!We expose the dark truths surrounding Bhavesh Bhinde, the owner of Mumbai-Ghatkopar hoarding, accused of rape. Learn about the shocking revelations and disturbing past of this notorious figure. Don't miss out on this eye-opening expose!

"Mumbai-Ghatkopar Hoarding Owner : The Bhavesh Bhinde Scandal!"

Mumbai Hoarding Collapse: Bhavesh Bhinde of Ego Media Pvt Ltd Absconding

A massive hoarding installed by Ego Media Pvt Ltd collapsed in Mumbai's Ghatkopar area, resulting in 14 deaths. Bhavesh Bhinde, the company's owner, is wanted in connection with the incident. Police have filed a case against him for culpable homicide not amounting to murder. Bhinde has been missing since the collapse, and his mobile phone is switched off.

Details of the Collapse and Rescue Efforts

The hoarding fell onto a petrol pump in Chheda Nagar during dust storms and unseasonal rain. Rescue operations have been ongoing for over 30 hours, with officials managing to rescue victims trapped under 90% of the hoarding. Among the 89 persons extricated, 14 were pronounced dead, and 75 are receiving medical treatment.

Background on Bhavesh Bhinde

Bhavesh Bhinde faced rape allegations earlier this year, with a case registered against him at Mulund Police Station. He has a history of breaching regulations, including cases related to tree poisoning and cutting. Bhinde also had political involvement, contesting unsuccessfully in the Maharashtra legislative assembly election in 2009. Despite his company, Guju Ads, being blacklisted by the BMC, Bhinde continued business under Ego Media Pvt Ltd, securing contracts for billboards and hoardings. The collapsed hoarding was previously recognized in the Limca Book of Records as the "Largest Hoarding."

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