Apple WWDC 2024: ChatGPT Lands on iPhone, 'Apple Intelligence' Revealed

(Reuters) - June 10 Apple (AAPL.O) launched a much-anticipated AI plan on Monday, combining new "Apple Intelligence" technology across its app ecosystem, including Siri, and introducing OpenAI's ChatGPT to its devices.

Apple WWDC 2024: ChatGPT Lands on iPhone, 'Apple Intelligence' Revealed

During the nearly two-hour presentation at Apple's annual developer conference, executives, including CEO Tim Cook, extolled Siri's ability to interact with texts, emails, calendars, and third-party apps. Siri will be able to compose emails and adjust her tone of voice to fit the occasion.

Long recognized for its emphasis on user safety, the iPhone manufacturer has also indicated that it intends to distinguish itself from rivals Microsoft (MSFT.O), opens new tab, and Google by putting privacy "at the core" of its services.

However, Wall Street was ambivalent about the presentation, expecting more spectacular AI technologies and reassurance that would put Apple in a good position to compete with market leader Microsoft in AI. Apple stock closed down roughly 2%.

Apple's stock, which has lagged other major tech companies this year, jumped 13% last month in anticipation of the event.
"There isn't anything here that propels the brand ahead of its as-expected trajectory of incrementalism," Dipanjan Chatterjee, a Forrester analyst, said.
"Apple Intelligence will indeed delight its users in small but meaningful ways, it brings Apple level with, but not head and shoulders above, where its peers are at."

Instead of focusing on businesses like its competitors, Apple is making AI features user-friendly for everyday people, hoping to win over its massive, non-tech-expert customer base.

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