The government must take a targeted approach to help businesses and create jobs.

Sanjeev Krishan, the chairperson of PwC in India, highlights that the Modi 3.0 government's agenda calls for a specific and customized approach to assist small enterprises, encourage job creation, and guarantee inclusive economic growth.

The government must take a targeted approach to help businesses and create jobs.

According to Sanjeev Krishan, chair of PwC in India, the Modi 3.0 government must take a targeted and granular approach to help small businesses and encourage job creation in order to make economic growth more inclusive. Other government priorities, according to Krishan, should include encouraging the growth of ancillary businesses and putting more of an emphasis on urban and rural development initiatives as part of the building of infrastructure.

"Prioritising job creation and productivity improvement is crucial for the new government to ensure inclusive growth," he stated to PTI.

He pointed out that during the last ten years, advances in infrastructure, financing availability, and ease of doing business (EoDB) had eliminated a number of barriers.

"A more focused and granular strategy to job creation and trade expansion in local areas will now be crucial. Increasing production would also be crucial at the same time. Innovation can be sparked by incentives and regulatory support, such as PLI programs, the speaker noted.

According to Krishan, encouraging plug-and-play research hubs either by the public sector or the commercial sector might lower barriers to entry and give businesses a boost.

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