For a 3BHK in Noida, is the rent Rs 64,000. A social media user's allegation provokes discussion

By asserting to have paid Rs 64,000 in rent for a three-bedroom house in Noida, Raj, a member on X, started a discussion. Raj's article about sharing a balcony view was met with suspicion because average rents are cheaper. Raj justified the hefty fee by pointing to the superior amenities. Discussions over Delhi's and Noida's rental preferences and patterns were sparked by the allegation.

For a 3BHK in Noida, is the rent Rs 64,000. A social media user's allegation provokes discussion

Social media users are in shock when a user on X claimed to have paid an astounding Rs 64,000 in rent in Noida in a recent post. The user, who went by the first name Raj, posted a photo of what appeared to be his balcony and called it "dreamy."

On X, Raj posted, "Paying 64k in Noida to work from the balcony and enjoy this dreamy view." His post has received a lot of attention.

In general, Noida has less expensive rent than Delhi, even in upmarket neighbourhoods, depending on the location, size, and accessibility of the flat to metro facilities.

Still, there were doubts raised by Raj's claim that he paid Rs 64,00 in rent in Noida. Numerous X users pointed out that the average rent for a 3BHK property in Noida is between Rs 30,000 and Rs 35,000. In addition, some users accused Raj of being dishonest because Raj's balcony lacked ostentatious features like a garden or pool.

In response to the accusations, Raj maintained his position, saying, "Even though the amenities in this society are better than others' and it's not too far from Delhi, I feel like we're paying a bit too much for what we're getting."

Social media was a flurry of disbelief as others questioned Raj's rent claim's viability. "It's not feasible. A maximum of 30k will be charged for a 3 Bhk in this well-to-do environment. Not a single bit more than that! One X user said, "You are in which society?" Raj replied that his community was in Sector 121.

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