Mancherial: Three people detained for transporting animals illegally

The three Godavarikhani residents were detained, according to the police, while moving cattle from Maharashtra to Telangana.

Mancherial: Three people detained for transporting animals illegally

Mancherial: On Monday night, three people were taken into custody in the Jaipur mandal center of Mancherial on suspicion of carrying animals that had been cruelly bound. They lost nineteen bulls and a van to confiscation.

Gade Mahesh, Gade Suraiah, and Komirineni Madhu, who are all locals of Godavarikhani in the Peddapalli district of Jaipur, were arrested at approximately 11.30 p.m. while moving livestock in a van from Maharashtra to Telangana, according to Jaipur Sub-Inspector J Sridhar.

When the car was stopped by the police, none of the three provided the necessary paperwork. During questioning, the three admitted to smuggling the cattle illegally so they could be sold at Telangana slaughterhouses for quick cash.

They said that they paid less for the livestock at weekly marketplaces located throughout Maharashtra. They disclosed that they would deceive law enforcement by pretending to sell the bulls to farmers.

For protection, the cattle were given to a cow sanctuary. They had a case filed against them, and an investigation was launched.

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