Is Lionel Messi going to make a final appearance? ....

We have seen enough of Messi in action to know that he would give it his all to take home a trophy if this is his final international competition.

Is Lionel Messi going to make a final appearance? ....

As the great man appears to have yet another big trophy in his possession, Messi-mania is at an all-time high. Argentina, the reigning champions, will play Canada in Atlanta, Georgia, early on Friday morning to kick off the 2024 Copa America.

This will most likely be Messi's final international competition. The attacker, who turns 37 next week, doesn't seem like he'll have enough legs to play in the World Cup in 2026, which is the next big competition. After all, playing football is a physically and intellectually taxing activity.

This is why fans from all around the world find the 2024 Copa America to be such a significant event. For the Argentine superstar, things were very different when the tournament was held in 2021. Since he had not won any significant international trophies, both experts and fans were debating his greatness. In the GOAT discussion, he also seemed to have lost ground to Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portugal player who won Euro 2016.

After three years, a lot has transpired. It appears that divine intervention had a role, as Messi not only emerged victorious in the Copa America in 2021, but also took home the world's largest trophy the following year. Yes, the Qatar World Cup. He wasn't merely a participant, though. In fact, he was a major factor in the South American country's victory in those two competitions. The GOAT controversy was quickly abandoned.

Messi is a super achiever who will be competing in the 2024 edition. Nothing needs to be proven. He's been a World Cup winner, a Copa America champion, one of the top goal scorers in international football history, and a highly renowned club football player. He's seen and experienced it all.

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