Heinrich Klaasen On Low-Scoring Games In New York: "Not A Great Selling Product"

Heinrich Klaasen said that although the bowlers would prefer to stay, the hitters are anxious to leave this location.

Heinrich Klaasen On Low-Scoring Games In New York: "Not A Great Selling Product"

Heinrich Klaasen, a South African batsman, stated after his team's four-run victory over Bangladesh in their ICC T20 World Cup match that although the low-scoring short format matches in New York are not a "great selling product" to the general public, they are an exciting and competitive part of cricket for die-hard fans. At the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium on Monday (local time), South Africa emerged victorious over Bangladesh in a thrilling match between two unbeaten teams, advancing one step closer to the Super 8 stage.

"It is still good cricket for the cricket lovers that are out there," Klaasen said in response to a question about whether the players enjoy playing on these difficult wickets at the post-match news conference following the game. It's not a very good product if you have to market it to the whole world, yet cricket is a very competitive sport. Any team that plays excellent cricket fundamentals may compete because it draws the stronger teams and the other teams closer together."

Because every game becomes a very important game for us, it is really nerve-wracking. We don't play any simple games, especially not with our bunch. Thus, it's still enjoyable cricket. Everybody is on the edge of their seat, and any team can win on this field," he continued.

When asked if his side was eager to go on to the Super 8 stage in the Caribbean at this time, Klaasen responded in a hilarious way, saying that although the hitters were eager to get out of the place, the bowlers would have like to stay.

"We accomplished our task, which was to win three of these matches. Although it was a little more difficult than we had anticipated, that served as excellent training for the competition's following stage. In these three games, we have demonstrated excellent pressure management. It is always a positive experience that you can record in a notebook and refer to whenever the difficult moments arise again.

According to Klaasen, a score of 160–170 would be excellent on the Caribbean wickets when it came to what would be par in the West Indies at the Super 8 stage.

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